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Electric Motors, Generators Sales & Services

Electric Motors, Generators Sales & Services

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Electric Motors are used in a wide range of applications, and are highly regarded for their energy efficienty – converting electricity to motion three times more efficiently than internal combustion engines, plus have the advantage of having a minimal amount of moving parts. Used in a wide range of tasks, electric motors are highly reliable and require little to no maintenance.

At Electel you'll find a range of industry-leading TECO and WEG electric motors. Our experienced, friendly staff will help you select the right motor for your project.

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For most of us, having a portable generator for emergency or back-up purposes isn't a luxury – it's essential. A portable generator will allow you to keep necessary equipment and applicance running, when access to primary power is unavailable.

A portable generator also means you have access to power where and when you need it. At Electel we stock a range of Westinghouse and Honda generators – and our staff will help you choose the right power solution for your specific needs.

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